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Fuel Halloween Party '05

Tiffany recaps the Party

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Hey Everyone! This was my first official Fuel Halloween Party. I had a blast, despite my yawning the entire night. I woke up at 4:30 that morning and not to mention that and I rolled in from Daleville, which was a 4 hour drive, but it definitely was worth it though! I must say that Roger and Becky were excellent hosts and have a kick-ass party house! There was so much to do! I started the night by meeting some new people I had never met. Joie and I sat in the kitchen and ate our dinner and chatted awhile. Everyone else came in to chow, and we started telling some jokes.

Time for Black Jack! (who's the pimp in the purple suit?)

Well, now it was time to play Blackjack, which I had never played before. I liked saying "HIT ME", and I felt like I was in the movie "Rainman" when Tom Cruise was trying to teach Raymond how to play. So Becky and Roger were teaching me the ropes of blackjack and telling me "when to hit". I actually ended up winning the first round (beginner's luck), but lost all the rest. Gary "earned his beads" by getting an ace and a king/queen card (royal flush?). I don't know what it is called, but he had several strands when we finished. After about 3 or 4 rounds, it was hot tub time. That was VERY relaxing! Gary, Roger, Becky, and myself were living it up for about 45 minutes. That really did me in!

Tiffany the Flower Pot Girl

Gary brought a really cool laser pointer that points this neon green beam for 35 miles and you can look at the sky. We heard an "Accept" song when we were playing blackjack, and I remembered that they sing "Balls to the Wall", so damn it! I had that Balls to the Wall song in my head almost the ENTIRE night. Don't ask me why!

Metallica Charades

Now for the best part - Metallicharades!!! I LOVED THAT!!! We did charades to Metallica song titles - one of the funniest ones was Gary drew a song and went up there and stood for a while. He was pondering what his actions were going to be and Roger yells out "THE WAIT" (that wasn't the song on the paper). That was classic! Try acting out Leper Messiah! Dawn did a fine job with Blackened as she pointed repeatedly to the fire poker on the fireplace. Joie died on several occasions and we determined that Metallica has alot of songs about death! I used Roger and Becky's dog as a prop to convey the song "Ain't my Bitch". Everyone drew all the songs out of the hat, and we made up more (just couldn't get enough) and finally quit at 3:00 in the morning (actuallly it was 2 cause we turned the clocks back). But all in all, I had a great time, and loved meeting those who I have not met before. Well, until next time...Tiffany