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Roger's Random Rants

Roger Michalski

Here's another edition of what's on my mind to rant about today... let's get to it!

  • I've been trying for 20 years to see Saxon and something ALWAYS comes up and I miss the show. Well, I was finally all set with a ticket to see them on November 3 (remember that date) at Jaxx. Then it turns out that the band and it's crew start having VISA problems, but they were working them out. Then, GREAT news they tell me in the e-mail, they have solved all their Visa problems and they'll be able to play their first date in the USA on November 4 (of course one day after the Jaxx date). I guess some things are never meant to be.

  • Not that I'm complaining, but how the hell did Mark Brunell turn into Payton Manning?

  • Speaking of football, all you fantasy freaks will feel my pain here... Here's a list of players on one of my fantasy teams: Bulger, Julius Jones, Duece McAllister, H. Ward, D. Jackson, TJ Duckett, Chad Pennington, Roy Williams. For all you non-football fans out there, each one of these players have been hurt for an extended period of time!! Needless to say, my teams not doing too well in that league (thankfully my other league is going MUCH better!).

  • I seem to be listening to Metallica a little bit less as each month passes.

  • Why is it so freakin' expensive to have someone repair a pinball machine? $75 for 15 minutes... what the hell?

  • For some reason I've gone on a Power Metal kick lately. It's not great music, but it's not bad either. A good change of pace. Dragonforce is probably the best of breed out there that I've found so far.

  • For some reason I found myself trying to spend $90 (plus S&H) for the Halloween Pushead glasses in the MetClub store...but there were so many people online that I could never check out so I didn't get them. And that was actually a bit of relief (who the heck needs to spend $50 on a glass you'll never drink out of!)

  • I wonder if I'll ever find the time to fill up my IPOD? I certainly have enough music to do so...

Well, that's it for this time kids... we'll rant some more in the next EFI!