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Word From the Chapter Head

Hello Virginia Fuel!!! It's about time to get the Fuel machine going again even if it's been slow in Metallica-land. We are about to head into 2006, which will be Metallica's 25 year anniversary (yes, it's been 25 years!) as well as the 20 year anniversary of Master of Puppets. Damn, I feel old! Let's hope the upcoming shows with the Rolling Stones gets Metallica's creative juices flowing again. Didn't they say they were only going to take 6 months off after the Madly in Anger with World Tour ended back in Nov. '04? Anyways, to recap what's been going in Fuel over the past several months...

1. Fuel Donations

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has sent in Fuel donations to help keep the Chapter going. As of the October 31, 2005, I would like to thank Jeannette, Willis, Ralph, Roger, Jon M., Steve C., Michelle, Ed, Gina, Tiffany, Anthony, Tom, Mark, Stephen, Brad, Joie and especially Parvez. You guys have NO IDEA how surprised and happy I was that this many people helped. I truly appreciate it. To show my appreciation, I did a random drawing of 2 Fuelers who made a donation and those 2 will get some special Metallica goodies. To see who won the random contest (and the 2 contests from EFI 5.2 and the Halloween costume contest), check out the Contest Winners.

2. Fuel Message Board (FMB)

This summer we finally got a decent message board. If you haven't signed up, then what are you waiting for? Click HERE to find out how to sign up. As of October 31, 2005, 44 people have registered on the FMB. The FMB is a great way to get to know your fellow Fuelers and discuss anything like Metallica, other types of music, or whatever is going on in your life. Sign up today!!!

3. Fuel Listserve

Since we have the FMB, it does NOT mean we are abandoning the good 'ole listserve. Some people like to use the FMB and some people like to use the listserve. So we are going to continue to use/keep both. If you are not receiving the listserve, would like to change the email in which you receive the listserve or have any other questions/problems/requests about the listserve, do NOT hesitate to contact me at jeff@virginiafuel.com

4. The Ultimate Metallica Trivia Contest

For all of you Metallica Trivia experts, I have the ultimate trivia contest for you. I've been working on this contest for a long time. I've dug up every piece of Metallica trivia that I could find. I hope the prizes are worth your effort. Typically, the participation for EFI contests is minimal at best, so I hope this contest will get you of your ASS and see how much you know (or at least you think you know) about Metallica. Click HERE to check out the contest. Please make sure you read the rules carefully.

5. New EFI cover

Ever since the redesign of EFI (EFI 3.3), I've tried to "spruce up" the look and feel of EFI, and EFI 5.3 is no different. The cover picture of Jaymz is courtesy of Lyle Ratliff who took the picture of Jaymz from the Charlotte show in April '04. He's a Metallica fan who is also a professional photographer and has his own website. Check it out! I met Lyle at the Atlanta show (Nov. '04) and he told me he had some pictures of me from the Charlotte show. He was kind enough to send some other pictures of the band from that show. They turned out so great, I decided to use one of them for the cover this issue of EFI. So a big "Hell Yeah" goes to Lyle for the cover picture.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Volume 5, Issue 3
The Official Newsletter of Virginia Fuel

Virginia Fuel (Est. March '98)

Chapter Head: Jeff
Event Organizing Team: Joie and Dawn
EFI Editor: Jeff
Assistant EFI Editor: Michelle
FMB Moderators: Joanna and Jeff
Webmaster: Jeff
Website Redesign: Andrew and Jeff
EFI 5.3 Cover Picture: Lyle Ratliff
Contributing Photographers: Niclas, Joie, Gary, Joanna, Steve, Keith, Jimbo and Tom
MetOnTour Schmooze: Eric
Fuel Founder/Godfather: Paul
Former Chapter Heads: Paul, Nyk, Joanna and Eric
Honorary Chapter Head: Alex

Membership Information - Any MetClubber who lives in Virginia is eligible to join Virginia Fuel

Submissions - Please send all submissions to efi@virginiafuel.com

Special Thanx - Metallica, The MetClub, and MetOnTour

Extra Special Thanx - Joie, Tim, Michelle, George, Roger, Gary, Tiffany, Kevin, Steve, Keith, Tom, Matt, Jimbo, Adam L., and Niclas for their submissions.