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What is the Metallica Club?
The Metallica Club (aka The MetClub) is the official fan club for the heavy metal band, Metallica. Check out the Metallica Fan Club section.

What is Virginia Fuel?
Virginia Fuel is an official local chapter of the Metallica Fan Club (aka The MetClub). Virginia Fuel was established around March 1998 by MetClubber, Paul Judd, in an effort to bring Metallica fans who live in Virginia together.

Does is cost anything to join Virginia Fuel?
No. The only requirements to join Virginia Fuel are that you must be (1) a current Metallica Fan Club member and (2) live in Virginia. Click HERE to fill out an online application.

Who is in charge of Virginia Fuel?
Check out the Who's in charge?section.

How do I get in contact with Virginia Fuel?
Jeff Holland (Chapter Head) -
Webmaster -
General Info -

What are the benefits of being in Virginia Fuel?
Click HERE to view a list of benefits.

What is Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)?
EFI is the official online newsletter of Virginia Fuel. Typically, we publish 2-4 issues a year.

What is a "Jam Session"
It is when we get some of our members who play guitar, bass, drums and who can sing (or at least yell in key). We add some food and booze. We play any Metallica song and any member can come up and sing. It is by far our most popular event. In fact, at the last jam session, entitled "Fade to Yack", we played 35 Metallica songs for over 5 hours!!!

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