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History of Va Fuel
Virginia Fuel was established in early 1998 by Paul Judd, in an effort to bring together Club members who lived in the state of Virginia. The membership steadily grew as the band rolled through the mid-Atlantic region during their '98 summer tour. Paul and Eric Nielsen met at the Nissan Pavilion show (Bristow, VA) in June 1998, and agreed to co-host some joint events between Fuel and the now defunct local chapter, Chapter of the Mad, which Eric had been running for several years.

With the shutdown of Mad at the end of 1999, Paul invited Eric to jump on board with Fuel for the new millenium, along with one of Fuel's more active members, Nyk Englander. At the beginning of May 2000, Paul returned to his home state of New Mexico, leaving the chapter in good hands with Nyk and Eric.

Fuel events started to become one of the most popular benefits of being in Virginia Fuel. What started with a picnic in Richmond, VA in the summer of 1998, has grown into several events a year including: music jam sessions, Halloween parties, listening parties, tailgating before Metallica shows, beach parties, trips to Virginia's amusement parks (Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion, etc.).

At the start of 2001, Nyk had to step down due to time constraints, so the chapter's long-time social director, Joanna (who was in Fuel since day one), was moved into his spot as Chapter Co-Head. In January 2004, Joanna had to step down as Chapter Co-Head & Social Director due to time constraints, although still remaining an active member of Fuel. Soon afterwards, Jeff Holland, who also joined Fuel after Chapter of the Mad shut down, was named Chapter Co-Head & Social Director to go along with his existing duties as the newsletter editor.

Then in March 2005, Joie Hyman and Dawn Klages were promoted to Social Directors and officially became the "Virginia Fuel Event Organizing Team". Both Joie and Dawn are very active members and bring a fresh, new enthusiam to the position. Also in March 2005, Michelle Hite was named "Assitant EFI Editor" to help edit, review, solicit material, and come up with new ideas with Fuel's newsletter, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI). In May 2005, Eric stepped down as Chapter Co-Head to focus on other things in his life. Jeff Holland remained as Chapter Head.

In 2007, Virginia Fuel celebrated their 10th year. A HUGE party/reunion/jam session was held. Some of the original members of Virginia Fuel (who have moved away) came back to Virginia to join in the celebration. In 2009, Joie and Dawn stepped down as Social Directors due to time constraints, but they still remain active in Fuel. Jeff took over event planning duties as well as still being the Chapter head. As 2009 comes to a close, and with wellover a 100 members, we are eager to continue building Virginia's largest local chapter into one of the world's best. There's no stop sign in front of us yet!

Benefits of Va Fuel
Fuel membership is free, and the only requirements are that you are a current member of the Metallica Fan Club (aka The MetClub) and live in Virginia. Members enjoy a wide range of benefits including, but not limited to:
  • Regularly published online newsletter - Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Frequent Fuel Events: music jam sessions, Halloween parties, picnics, listening parties, tailgaiting before a Metallica concert, beach parties, Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion, etc
  • The chance to make Metallica friends in your area and around the world
  • Personal attention to MetClub related problems
  • Access to the Fuel Message Board (FMB)
  • Access to the Virginia Fuel listserve/mailing list
  • Competitions with special Metallica prizes
  • Access to members-only area of website
  • Exclusive Virginia Fuel T-Shirts
  • Carpool to Metallica shows
Click here to download a pamphlet describing Fuel in PDF format

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