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The Metallica Club

The Metallica Club is the official fan club established by the band in late 1993. After seeing several unofficial groups come and go over the years, the band decided to personally develop and oversee a fan club worthy of their name. Tony Smith, the band's longtime friend and tour manager, ran the organization until early 2000, when Vickie Strate took over as president. Members enjoy many special benefits, including exclusive contests, merchandise, magazines, and information. The best seats for every show the band plays are routinely set aside for Metallica Club members. Past prizes for competitions have included all-expenses-paid trips to the band's recording studio, as well as an entire week on the road as a member of the band's road crew.

To become a member of the MetClub, check out the official Metallica Club website.

Metallica fans

Local Chapters of the Metallica Club

A local chapter is a group of Metallica Club members brought together by someone interested in extending the fan club experience on the local level. Any Metallica Club member is free to start up a local chapter in their area; the only requirement to be recognized as an official local chapter is that their group consist of three or more fan club members. A wide variety of local chapters exist around the world, some more active than others. Local chapters often offer a more personal fan club experience, with frequently-held get-togethers, newsletters, etc.

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