Virginia Fuel


Chapter 1 (1998) - "How It All Began"
March Paul Judd starts Virginia Fuel
March Original members include: Joanna, Mike, Brian, Andi, Nyk, etc.
March A couple of soon-to-be Fuelers attend the "MTV's Reload, Rehearse, Request"
June Metallica show at Nissan Pavillion (Bristow, VA); Paul and Eric Nielsen (Chapter of the Mad) meet up.
July Eric and Joanna win a week on tour with Metallica (aka "The Googol Tour").
Summer/Fall First version of Virginia Fuel website debuts
September Fuel/Chapter of the Mad Picnic in Richmond, VA
Fall/Winter Fuel/Chapter of the Mad members attend Metallica shows in Texas, west coast, and Garage, Inc. Tour
Fuel/COTM flyer
Googol Tour
Front row in Columbia, MD

Chapter 2 (1999) - "Mad Falls, Fuel Grows"
January Fuel/Chapter of the Mad Party in northern Virginia
April Fuel/Chapter of the Mad members attend the S&M shows (some can be seen on the S&M DVD)
November Fuel members attend/help organize the "Bad Seeds in the Big Apple" Metclubber party in New York
November Fuel members attend Madison Square Garden S&M show
December Fuel members attend Met-lennium shows including M2K in Detroit
December Chapter of the Mad (COTM) shuts down
Fuel/COTM flyer
S&M DVD (Whose finger is that?)
Metallica protestors

Chapter 3 (2000) - "Summer Sanitarium"
January Several COTM former members join Virginia Fuel
Spring Brand new Virginia Fuel website ( comes online
April Virginia Fuel newsletter, Electronic Fuel Injection, debuts - EFI Vol. 1, Issue 1
May Paul Judd moves to New Mexico, starts own local chapter, New Mexico Metal Militia
May Eric Nielsen appears on VH-1's FanClub TV special
May Eric Nielsen and Nyk Englander named Chapter Co-Heads
Summer Joanna named "Social Director"
Summer Virginia Fuel Beach Party in Virginia Beach, VA
Summer Fuel members attend several Summer Sanitarium shows (Rockingham, Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago; Jersey,etc.)
September EFI Vol. 1, Issue 2 is published
Summer Virginia Fuel Fall Picnic in Richmond, VA
EFI logo
July 4th Metalli-tailgate in Baltimore
Fall Picnic in Richmond

Chapter 4 (2001) - "The Jam Session is Born"
January "There's a Tear in My Beer" - Virginia Fuel reflects on Jason's departure
January Nyk steps down as Chapter Co-Head, Eric and Joanna are Chapter Co-Heads
March EFI Vol. 1, Issue 3 is published
March 1st Virginia Fuel Jam Session - "Stafford Jam" in Stafford, VA
June "The Call of Kolonialism" Jam/Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA
August Virginia Fuel Bash at the Beach in Norfolk, VA
August EFI Vol. 1, Issue 4 is published
September Eric attends Metallibash 2001
October Halloween Party in Fairfax, VA
Jason leaves...
"The Call Of Kolonialism" Jam
Slash & Axl at the Fuel Halloween Party

Chapter 5 (2002) - "Down Time in Metalli-land"
February EFI Vol. 2, Issue 1 is published
March "Trapped Under I-64" Jam in Williamsburg, VA
June "100 Member March on Manassas"
July Some Virginia Fuelers attend the Metallica Re-Launch Party
July Eric attends the Metallibash 2002
August EFI Vol. 2, Issue 2 is published
November Virginia Fuel Wrap-Up Party in Fairfax, VA
"Trapped Under I-64" Jam
"Trapped Under I-64" Jam - Tom on drums
Wrap-up Party in Northern VA

Chapter 6 (2003) - "Something Angry This Way Comes"
March "Eye of the Beerholder" Jam in Williamsburg, VA
March EFI Vol. 3, Issue 1 is published
May Many Virginia Fuel members attend the Fillmore MetClub shows
June St. Anger Listening Party in Stafford, VA
June A couple of Fuelers attend the 3-shows-in-1-day Paris shows
Summer Fuel members attend several Summer Sanitarium shows in Philly, Landover, Texas, etc.
July EFI Vol. 3, Issue 2 is published
August Virginia Fuel Picnic in Richmond, VA
September Jeff Holland named as EFI Editor
September EFI Vol. 3, Issue 3 is published; EFI gets a facelift
October "St. Armstrong" Jam/Halloween Party in Williamsburg, VA
October A couple of Fuelers watch a MetClub screening of "Some Kind of Monster"
"Eye of the Beerholder" Jam - Alex on drums
Fillmore ticket stubs
FedEx Field tailgate

Chapter 7 (2004) -"The Tour Must Go On"
January Joanna steps down as Chapter Co-Head/Social Director
January Jeff named Chapter Co-Head, Eric and Jeff are Chapter Co-Heads
March EFI Vol. 4, Issue 1 is published
April "The Unnamed Party" in South Riding, VA
April "Tallica Tailgate in the Star City" in Roanoke, VA
April Many Fuelers attend Metallica shows in Roanoke, Charlotte, Norfolk, New York, etc.
May Many Fuelers attend the debut of "Some Kind of Monster" at the Maryland Film Festival
July EFI Vol. 4, Issue 2 is published
October Some Fuelers attend Metallica shows in DC, Philly, Jersey, Atlanta, etc.
October "...And Blackjack For All" Halloween/Casino Party in Vienna, VA
October Joanna receives her "Lifetime Achievement Award"
December EFI Vol. 4, Issue 3 is published
After the Roanoke show
Front row at the MCI Center
Fuel Halloween Party

Chapter 8 (2005) - "Elvis Has Left the Building"
March Joie Hyman and Dawn Klages are named the "Va Fuel Event Organizing Team"; Jeff steps down as Social Director
March Michelle Hite named Assistant EFI Editor
March Andy Hudson and Jeff Holland redesign
April "Fade to Yack" Jam in Glen Allen, VA
May Special Robert "Elvis" Reisinger EFI Vol. 5, Issue 1 is published
May Virginia Fuel at Busch Gardens
May EFI Vol. 5, Issue 2 is published
May Eric Nielsen steps down as Chapter Co-Head
June Virginia Fuel at Kings Dominion
July Fuel Message Board (FMB) debuts
August A couple of Fuelers attend the Metallibash 2005
October Fuel Halloween Party
November EFI Vol. 5, Issue 3 is published
"Fade to Yack" Jam
Pimp Daddy - Fuel Halloween Party

Chapter 9 (2006) - "20 Years of Puppetz"
April April Fuel Jam
April EFI Vol. 6, Issue 1 is published
September Virginia Fuel MySpace page created
October Master of Puppets 20th Anniversary Jam
November EFI Vol. 6, Issue 2 is published
"April Fuel" Jam
Va Fuel on MySpace
"MOP 20th Anniversary" Jam

Chapter 10 (2007) - "The 10th Year of Fuel"
May EFI Vol. 7, Issue 1 is published
July Virginia Fuel Freedom Festival
August Damage, Intoxicated MySpace page created
October Fuel Halloween Party
Va Fuel Freedom Festival
Va Fuel Freedom Festival
Fuel Halloween Party

Chapter 11 (2008) - "Death" Be Thy Name
February EFI Vol. 8, Issue 1 is published
February New Fuel T-Shirt
August EFI Vol. 8, Issue 2 is published
September Death Magnetic Listening Party
October "All Nightmare Long" Halloween Jam
New T-Shirt logo
Listening Party
Halloween Jam

Chapter 12 (2009) - World Magnetic
Jan/Feb Many Fuelers attend Metallica shows in DC, Philly, NY, NJ, etc.
March A couple of Fuelers attend the Guitar Hero show in Texas
April Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
April "Guitar Hero of the Day" Tournament I
April EFI Vol. 9, Issue 1 is published
June Summer Jam Session
August "Guitar Hero of the Day" Tournament II
August Joie & Dawn step down as Social Directors
Fall Many Fuelers attend Metallica shows in Cville, Charlotte, NY, Vegas, etc.
November Fuel on Facebook debuts
November Fuel on MySpace page ends
November Fuel Message Board (FMB) ends
GH Tournament I
Summer Jam Session
GH Tournament II

Chapter 13 (2010) - World Magnetic II
January EFI 10.1 published
February France/Mexico City DVD Viewing Party
May "Jam Magnetic"
December EFI 10.2 published
"Jam Magnetic"
Melbourne 2010
Lars & the Gang

Chapter 14 (2011) - XXX Years Strong!!!
January Fan Can 6 Viewing Party
May 30th Anniversary Jam Session
August Metallica Game Night
December Several Fuelers attend the historic Fillmore Shows
December EFI 11.1 published
Fan Can 6 Viewing Party
30th Anniversary Jam
Metallica Game Night

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